Quick and Easy Christmas Projects - Day 9

Hey everyone and welcome to day 9 of my 10 days of quick and easy Christmas projects. 

Today's project is a candy bar wrapper.  You can use any sized candy bar for this project, just adjust your cardstock to fit.  I used a larger sized Cadbury Candy Bar.

Cut cardstock to fit candy bar length.   Then wrap it around the candy bar and add 2" so you can overlap it at the back.  Score to create the sides of the candy bar, then decorate.  I decided to create my own pattern paper so I used My First ColorBox mini stamps - Sweets - and My First ColorBox Dye ink pads.

Next, I die cut scalloped edges for the top and bottom of the wrapper and adhered them.  The sentiment was die cut and then added to the wrapper on coordinating die cut. 

Punch holes in the top of the wrapper.  Cut ribbon twice the length of the candy bar plus approximately 6".    Place the ribbon around the candy bar and push candy bar into the wrapper and pull the ribbons through the holes.  Tie the ribbon into a bow.  Pull on the bow to remove the candy bar and push on the bow to replace the candy bar.

Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to stop by tomorrow as I show you one final quick and easy Christmas project you can make in less than 30 minutes.
Merry Christmas.


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