If I had wings........

Hi everyone, I've been playing with some wonderful products from Earth Safe Finishes.

As you can see from the oval area around the sentiment, this frame was originally purple - not a color I really wanted for this project. 

To begin, I painted Pearl Iridescents on the frame.

While still wet, I painted on Pearl Iridescents Powder in Sky. The paint acted as the adhesive.  The frame has now changed to from purple blue - a much better color. Once dry, excess powder easily brushed away.

The sentiment was stamped and cut to fit inside the frame.

So next time you are looking to change a color, pull out the Iridescents and see what you can create.
Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. Steph this is a great project to showcase how to use the powders with the Iridescents....thank you for sharing!