Cool2Cast eBook Review


Hi everyone, I am so excited to be participating in a blog hop with Tiffany Windsor’s Cool2Cast  products and Bella Craft Quarterly

I  had the pleasure of working with Cool2Cast products recently so when the opportunity came to participate in a review of Tiffany's ebook, I was thrilled. The book has an amazing variety of projects from jewelry to canvases and more.  At over 100 pages, you can truly get a feel for using Cool2Cast.

The book begins with a warning that Cool2Craft is addictive and I will advise that is definitely true!  
I had never worked with Cool2Cast before so I was definitely intrigued with the product.    Cool2Cast is a product similar to Plaster of Paris - you just mix it with water and pour it into a mold - and you can use any flexible mold you desire.  Tiffany sent me an assortment of pre-casted molds of flowers, leaves and butterflies to work with and I created this canvas which can be found in Tiffany's book.

It is very easy to add color to the casted items and add assorted details from findings to buttons to beads to hangers and more.  It's easy to experiment and see what you can create.  I added color to my pieces using Ann Butler's Crafter's Ink from ColorBox which I mixed with a little water and then painted on each piece.

This book is very well written, the instructions are clear and easily explained,  and Tiffany provides many tips throughout the book.   There are lots of step by step photos to guide you along your casting journey. 

Please stop by the Cool2Cast blog to find reviews by other designers as well as a chance to win some amazing products.

Bella’s Website- bellacraftsquarterly.com

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  1. Steph - Thank you SO much for joining in the Cool2Cast Blog Hop. There are so many ways that you can use Cool2Cast and I love how you used the pre-poured pieces to create dimensional canvas art. So pretty!

  2. Thank you so much for being part of the hop Steph! I loved your project and am so glad that it is showcased in the eBook!

  3. Your canvas is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I can understand why you're in the book! Love it! Love ya' Patricia B

  4. I cam here from Bella's and Tiffany's blogs. Your canvas is fabulous, it is so pretty. I would love to get my hands on this product and it will be going on my Christmas list for Santa! Thank you for the hop and for sharing your beautiful creation Karen

  5. Your artwork piece is just darling!