Etchall Diffusers

Hi everyone, I have these cute little diffuser bottles around the house.  I find they really bring the Spring inside after the cold winter we have had.  To dress them up a bit, I used etchall etching crème to etch the name of each scent around the bottles.

I placed letter stickers around the bottles, then added tape around the top and bottom as I wanted some glass to show around the etched area.

I used a generous amount of etchall etching creme around the container.  Etchall is light brown, but as you can see my etchall is dark brown - that's because it has been well used.  Remember, though, the color does not impact it's etching ability. 

Allow 15 minutes for the etchall to work, then remove the excess and place it back in the container.  Etchall is reusable so be sure to save every drop.  Rinse off the jars then remove the tape and stickers. 

I decorated the jar tops with Ann Butler Designs Crafter's Ink and 1" stamps.  The 1" stamps were perfect to stamp around the tops.

They now look so pretty displayed in my room.
I love their mixed smells - peony, violet, rose - just like a garden after a spring rain.

Thanks for stopping by today.



  1. It's a great idea to create something like this. Although of course, this hardly compares to reed diffusers company Apsley. All the same, this production creates a great and stylish things