Making bracelets and party favors with Whisker Graphics Twine

Hi everyone, I'm on the Whisker Graphics blog with some fun and easy to make bracelets and party favors.
I love the beautiful colors and the substantial feel to this twine.  This month I've created some bracelets that you can easily recreate with the kids.  Or maybe you can make up a bunch and put them in Middy Bitty Bags for fun party favors.  Who doesn't love giving a little "something" to party guests.  And the girls will love making them and giving them!
Middy Bitty Bags - Green and Blue Chevron
Divine Twine Collection - Bright White Solid
Divine Twine Metallics - Rose Gold Metallic
Divine Twine Bamboo - Aqua and White
Large Colored Tags - Yellow, Peach
JoyClair Stamps -  Butterfly Kisses
Clearsnap Ink - Black
EKSuccess Punches
Bracelets are fun to make and Whisker Graphics twine is the perfect starting point.  Cut 3 strips about 12" long and tie them together, about 1" from one end.   Tape the twine to the table because it's so much easier to work on the bracelet if it's stationery.

Braid down about an 1", then start adding beads to the center strand.

Braid between the beads to add some definition and keep the beads separated.  Once you've added 7-8 beads, braid the twine another inch then tie the twine together to finish.

Use an assortment of twines to create some really fun bracelets.  The twines add amazing visual interest and texture.

Wear them all together or separate - it's up to you.

For the party favors, I folded down the top edges of the bags, then tied them closed with white twine.
Finally I stamped the tags with Joy Clair stamps and used the same twine to tie them to the bags. 

Just think how much fun you'll have making these with the girls.  Just put out the twine and beads and let them decide what they want to make (and how many!!!!).
Thanks for stopping by today.

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