Mug Make-Over

Hi everyone, my post on the Bowdabra blog is having fun with the kids this summer 

Gather all your supplies and let the kids have fun creating an assortment of bows.  Then tie the bows to the mugs creating a mug make-over with Bowdabra.  How much fun the kids will have choosing their ribbons and selecting beads to personalize their mugs!

Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bow Wire
Assorted ribbons and Lace

Start by placing the Bow Wire in the Bowdabra.
Select a wide ribbon or  lace, placing it in the Bowdabra creating 2 loops on each side.

Taking a thinner ribbon, create 2 smaller loops on each side on top of the lace loops.
Then pull up on the Bow Wire and tie off.

Use the Bow Wire to tie the bows to the handles of the mugs.

Have the kids select an assortment of bead and let them thread the beads on the left over Bow Wire.  Twist the wires together around the handle.

Let the kids fill the mugs with candy or other little treats and the mug make-over by Bowdabra is complete.

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