Etched Beachy Candle Jars

Hi everyone, when I think of summer, I think of  water. beaches and seashells.  If you can't get to the beach, why not surround yourself with all that reminds you of what you are missing.    These Etched Beachy Candle Jars are just what I need.

I began by placing sea shells in each jar then poured resin in each jar until the shells were completely covered.  Once the resin dried, I filled each jar with etchallⓇ dip 'n etch.   After 15 minutes, I poured the  etchallⓇ dip 'n etch back into it's original container because it is reusable.  

Next, I spritzed the interior of both jars with different colors of spray inks.  The spray inks color the etched glass.  I placed the jars upside down to allow the excess spray ink to run out.

I decorated the outside of each jar with shells created from the Makin's Clay Seashell push mold and white clay.    Color was added to the shells by lightly inking them then adhering them to the jars.  Mesh was wrapped around the tops.  

Using Nuvo Drops, I created a design around the shells and followed the line of the resin.  

Candles fit perfectly in the jar openings.  They are easy to place and easy to replace as needed.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.