Altered Frame

Do you ever just play with your scrapbook supplies? I know we all use our scrapbook supplies, but have you ever worked on something with absolutely no idea what you were doing and how it was going to turn out? Well, that is exactly what I did today.

Since receiving my box from Clearsnap, I've been intrigued with the wonderful assortment of products and have been playing around with everything. I decided to work with a selection of 4 different Clearsnap products and a wood frame.

Clearsnap Supplies:

Clearsnap Chestnut Roan Fluid Chalk
Clearsnap Smooch Spritz Vanilla Shimmer, Log Cabin, Silver Foil, Gold Glow
Top Boss Clear Embossing Powder
Rollagraph Zephyr Stamp Wheel

Other Products:

Wood Frame
Tissue paper

I've had this wood frame in my stash for quite awhile and I wanted to create something different, other than just painting or inking it. I pulled out some white tissue paper, placed it on a mat and sprayed it with all 4 colors of Smooch Ink.

While still wet, I squished the tissue paper together, then I sprayed some more Smooch.

Then squished it again into a smaller ball and sprayed some more Smooch.

I painted the wood frame a light green paint. While still wet, I tore pieces from the tissue paper and added it to the wet painted frame.

Work quickly since the paint is used as the adhesive. If you find the paint is too dry, just add more paint before adhering the tissue strips. Continue working until the frame is completely covered. When you are done, spritz the entire frame with more Smooch. It is quite a wonderful mess don't you think?

I allowed about 3 hours for the frame to dry before continuing. When I was confident it was dry, I took some sandpaper and lightly sanded off the excess tissue paper. In spots where the tissue was "pulling up", I added a little more paint. When I sanded off all the excess, I had this nice looking frame. The Smooch provided some nice color and the tissue paper provided some nice texture.

Using the Zephyr Rollograph and Chestnut Roan Ink, I rolled the pattern along the long edges of the frame. Then I added Clear Embossing Powder and heat set it.

To ink the other sides of the frame, I used an index card as a mask to avoid inking over my first pattern. I again used the Zephyr Rollograph and Chestnut Roan Ink and rolled the pattern along the edge. I then added Clear Embossing Powder and heat set it.

And the finished frame.

Look at all the texture.

I pulled some flowers from my stash that didn't really go with my color scheme, so I spritzed them with Smooch again to get exactly the colors I wanted.


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