Etched Candy Caddy

Hi everyone, this etched candy caddy was really fun to create.

I found this metal caddy and decided to  frost the glass jars.  This was easy to do with dip 'n etch from Etchall.  This product allows you to etch glass in just 15 minutes.  I placed the jars in the dip 'n etch, waited 15 minutes, then removed the jars.  Dip 'n etch is reusable so I returned it to the container to be used on another project. 

While I waited for the jars to etch, I decided to change the color of my caddy from white to blue to match the ribbon I wanted to use.  I simply white washed the caddy with Ann Butler Iridescents in Lagoon, letting some of the white caddy show.

I tied ribbon around the necks of the bottles.  Then I tied additional ribbon about the handles of the caddy.

Then I filled the jars with candy.

This is a perfect candy dispenser - it sits on my desk and when I need a sweet snack - there it is!

Why not try Etchall dip 'n etch on your next project.
Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. this is an adorable project Steph...thanks for using my Iridescents, I love that they go on every surface!!