School Star Mini Album

It's time for a new challenge at Scor-Pal.  This month's theme is school days.  So upload your school days project with more than one fold on the Scor-Pal blog.

I've created a star book which is perfect to hold all those photos taken throughout the school year as well as record report card information.

Cardstock - 3 colors, 2 sheets of each color
Pattern Paper

Cut cardstock as follows:
Color A: 6 pieces, 4 " x 12"
Color B: 6 pieces, 4" x 10"
Color C: 6 pieces, 4" x 8"

Score each piece of  Color A at 6".  Fold.
Score each piece of Color B at 5".  Fold.
Score each piece of Color C at 4". Fold.

Add Scor-Tape to the edges of Colors B and C.

Assemble C to B to A.
Assemble all 6 pieces in the same way, then run the scoring tool on each section to flatten.

To assemble, place Scor-Tape around the edges of one set and place another set on top.
Repeat until all sets have been adhered together.

To create the covers, cut chipboard 4" x 6".
Cut pattern paper 5" x 7".
Place the chipboard panel in the center of the pattern paper.
Cut the corners at 45 degree angles and fold in the edges.

Cut ribbon long enough to go around the book leaving extra to tie into a bow.
Place Scor-Tape around the edges and across the center of the front of the book.

Center ribbon around the book, leaving even lengths.
Adhere across the center.
Place the cover on top.
Repeat for the second cover.

This is a perfect book to add all those photos taken each year from the first day of school, to concerts, to parties, to the last day of school.  It easily folds to fit in your purse or on a table.  Open it up and it becomes a star.  Tie it together and leave it open to showcase all the photos.

Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to stop by the Scor-Pal blog and upload your project this month.


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