New Year's Eve Hats

Hi everyone, I've got a new post on the Bowdabra Blog.  With New Years just a few days away, it's time to think about what you are going to wear on New Year's Eve.

Whatever it is that you decide to wear, festive hats must be part of your attire. And they must be sparkly!!!!

Using the Bowdabra, I created a 5 looped bow, making the loops progressively smaller.

Once the loops were finished, I pulled up on the bow wire and tied it off.  I created a 2nd bow in the same manner.

I painted the hats with black gesso. Once dry, I painted on some glitter paint.  I also painted the numbers to match.  Once dry, I tied the bows around the hats.

We are now officially ready for a rockin' New Year's Eve.  How about you?
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