Create and Sew Panel

Hi everyone, I'm on the Proxxon blog with a fun sewing panel for that special someone who enjoys sewing.

I started by drawing a circle on a panel.  Using the Micro Bandsaw, I easily cut out the circle.

Next, I used the Disk Sander to quickly sand the edges of the panel.

Finally I used the Bench Drill Press to put a hole in the panel for the hanger.

Now that the panel was ready, I used a stencil with molding paste to add dimension to the panel.  Once dry, I painted the panel with Plaid paint.

For more dimension, I used the stencil again on the painted panel.  Then I pulled assorted sewing elements and arranged them on the panel, painting them with Plaid paints.

Create and Sew were die cut from Rinea Foiled Paper.  A piece of burlap was draped over a hanger and a sewing machine added on top.  

Twine was wrapped around the 2 spools and threaded through the 2 needles.  

What do you think?


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