Altered Jars with Tissue Paper

 Hi everyone, I'm sharing a mixed media project today.

Begin by scrunching tissue paper.
Then use Mod Podge to adhere tissue paper to the jars.
Be sure to allow lots of creases and to show.

Allow the tissue paper to dry complete before proceeding further.
Trim away the excess tissue paper.

Once the jars are dry, the tissue paper has hardened and then use paints to add an amazing affect.
Using assorted paints, dab the paint on rather than painting the jars.

If you don't like any color you used, or want to change a color, dab on some Gesso.
You can also use Gesso to add a subtle effect on the jars.

Wrap and glue some twine around the top of the jars.

Fill with flowers and use as a centerpiece or place in the window.

Thanks for stopping by.


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