Etched Mason Jar Centerpieces

Hi everyone.   Today I'm using  etchall® to etch mason jars.  Etchall is a re-usable etching liquid with the consistency of water.  I simply placed my mason jars in a bowl of etchall to create an etched surface.

I  placed the mason jars in etchall for approximately 15 minutes.  I then removed them and rinsed them off.  This etched appearance is what I was able to achieve.  
I didn't etch the top portion of each mason jar because I was planning to add a bow to each one.
Next, I used my Mini Bowdabra to create 4 looped bows from tulle for each mason jar.

I filled each mason jar with rocks, wrapped tulle around the flowers and placed them in the jars.  Then I tied the bows around the jars using the bow wire.

 2017 stickers were added to each jar.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by today.


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