Altered Jewelry Box

My newest post on the Proxxon blog is an altered jewelry box.

I used etchallⓇ etching crème to etch a design into the mirror.  Using my Cricut I die cut a pattern from vinyl then placed the negative on the mirror.  I covered it with etchallⓇ etching crème and allowed it to sit for 15 minutes.

EtchallⓇ etching creme is reusable so after 15 minutes I scraped off the crème from the glass and returned it back to the jar.

I wiped off the remaining etching crème with a baby wipe, then I removed the the vinyl. 
The etched design is stunning.

After removing the vinyl, I cleaned the glass with a fresh baby wipe.

Now I decorated the top of the jewelry box using Plaid paints, a Prima stencil, Makin'sⓇ clay and push molds to create the clay elements, and used Rinea Foils to create the flowers for the corner.

What little girl wouldn't love this jewelry box?

Thanks for stopping by today.


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