Pink Hairbow with Bowdabra

Hi everyone, I'm on the Bowdabra blog with a cute pink hairbow.

Start by placing the ruler over the Bowdabra. Next, place the Bow wire and fold it underneath so it is out of your way. Using 2″ wide ribbon and the ruler as a guide, create a 2 1/2″ ribbon loop.

Continue making the loops until you have the number desired.

Take the next ribbon and make 2″ loops.

Add a floral spray into the Bowdabra, separating it so sits easily in the Bowdabra.

Cut 2 strips of 1/2″ wide ribbon and place in the Bowdabra over the floral spray.  Use the Bow Wand to push everything together.

 Pull up and tie off. Fluff out the bow.

Finally, using the bow wire, I tied this super cute hair bow to a barrette.

Thanks for stopping by.


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