Proxxon Tools - Delta Sander Review

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing a review of the Proxxon Delta Sander.

Everyone needs a sander, but are you aware that the Delta Sander allows you to sand in small areas that a regular sander cannot get into?   The sanding pad is a triangular design, sized at 2 1/2", allowing you to get into corners or tight spaces.  It's oscillating head does all the work for you no matter what or where you need to sand.  

The variable speed dial allows you to choose the correct speed for your project and the material selected.  And there are many choices of sanding pads from fine to heavy duty.  Using a hook and loop system, you can quickly and easily change the pads for each project or even while working on the same project..

Here are some of the projects on which I've used the Delta Sander.  Click on the links for the complete project details.

The Delta Sander is definitely a small but very efficient sander. Weighing under 1 1/2 pounds, it is easy to hold and use even if you are experiencing issues with your hands.

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