Happy Easter Mug

Hi everyone and Happy Easter!!!  I've got a new etched mug  using etchallⓇ etching crème.

 For a simple sweet Easter mug, I die cut letters and eggs and placed them around the mug.

Using etchallⓇ etching crème, I covered the mug completely and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.  15 minutes is the minimum, but if you get distracted (as I do), leaving the etching crème on for longer than 15 minutes does not impact it's etching ability.  As you can see, my etching crème is very dark and  that does not affect it's etching ability either.

Since etchall is reusable, I simply scraped the crème back into it's original container.  I can now use the etching crème for upcoming projects.  Rinse the mug thoroughly and dry off.

Then fill with Easter grass and assorted goodies.

Who wouldn't love to open this mug on Easter?

Thanks for stopping by.


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