USA Pennant

Hi everyone, now that we are getting finally getting into summer mode, why not create a wall hanging that can kept up all season.

Plaid Paint
Molding Paste
Pattern paper

Selecting a piece of wood, I used the to Measure Mate to mark the pennant shape.

The Scroll Saw made easy work of cutting the shape.

The Disc Sander easily sanded away the splintered wood creating a smooth base for painting.

For a little more sanding I used the Delta Sander.

To hang the pennant, I needed to drill 2 holes with the Bench Drill Press.

I painted the pennant with Plaid Folk ArtⓇ paint.  Using a stencil with molding paste, I added stars to the left corner.

A scrap of red, white and blue pattern paper was the perfect accent piece.  USA stickers were added above the pattern paper and painted in place with glitter paint

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