Patriotic Party Decor

Hi everyone, it's summer and that means all types of parties will be scheduled.  We've got Father's Day, Graduations, weddings, and more.  It's time to create party ensembles that will thrill your guests.  4th of July is almost upon us, so I decided to create patriotic party décor.

I wanted a frosted appearance on my glassware, so I started with the beer mugs.  I placed masking tape along the top edge of the beer mugs, then filled the mugs with rocks.

I placed the mugs in a plastic container, then filled the container with etchallⓇ dip 'n etch.  The rocks ensure that the mugs remain stationery in the containert.

Leave the mugs in the container for 15 minutes.  I then removed the mugs, rinsed and dried them.  Since dip 'n etch is reusable, there is no waste.  Simply pour the dip 'n etch back into it's original container and use on subsequent projects.

The candle holder and vase were etched in the same fashion.  The mugs are perfect for holding outdoor napkins and plasticware.

Add a strip of ribbon around the center of the vase and a pretty patriotic bow created with the Bowdabra at the neck of the vase.  Directions on how to create the bow can be found on the Bowdabra blog.

Add some coordinating flowers in the vase and your party décor is ready.

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