Fly with Your Own Wings

Hi everyone, today I'm  using etchallⓇ etching crème to etch a glass mug.  I needed a little something to give to a friend as a pick me up and thought this would be perfect.

I found some intricate stickers I wanted to use.  So I placed the intricate wings on 2 opposite sides of the mug while the words were placed on the center panel.

Using painter's tape, I taped off the areas I did not want etched.  Tape acts as a barrier to the etching crème.

Then I added etchall etching crème to the center panel covering it completely.  I put it aside for 15 minutes to etch the glass.  Then, since etchall is reusable, I simply scraped it back into the original container.  There is no waste at all!

Once the center panel was etched and the crème placed back in the original jar, I moved onto the side panels and repeated the etching process.

Once all 3 sides were etched, I rinsed the glass and removed the painters tape.

Then I removed the stickers.  

I added colored water so you could see how detailed the etching is.

This is a great little gift for someone who is going through a rough patch.

Thanks for stopping by.


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