Etched Floral Bottles

Hi everyone, today I've created these floral bottles with  etchallⓇ dip n etch.  Check out I the contrast of etching vs. non etching.

Etch the bottom half of the bottles by placing them in dip 'n etch.  Allow them to sit in the liquid for 15 minutes.  Remove the bottles and rinse and then dry.  Since dip 'n etch is reusable, pour it back into it's original container.  Had I wanted to etch the entire bottle I could have used a larger container or turned the bottle upside down; however, I wanted the contrasting effect of etching vs. non etching.

I glued ribbon along the etched line, sort of like dividing the bottle in half.  Selecting butterflies and leaves from Little Birdie Crafts, I adhered them to the bottles.  Then I adhered everal flowers over the leaves.

Fill these bottles with anything you like.  But I'm thinking they would look really pretty just sitting on a shelf amongst other collectibles!

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. So very lovely you can almost smell the flowers. Having the contrast of half etched and half not etched gives a beautiful contrast. I really like the 3-D effect of the leaves and flowers. Kudos!!