Thankful Candle

Hi everyone, I've created a decorative candle with the help of my Proxxon tools.

Drawing the design on a of plywood, I used the Micro Bandsaw to cut the straight edges.

I also used the Scroll Saw to cut around the candle.

Once fully cut, I used the Delta Sander to sand down the candle.  The angled head allowed me to get into the tiny edges.

Using masking tape, I taped off the candle so I could paint the flame with gold metallic paint and the candle base with black metallic paint.

Once dry, I used glitter paint to paint the candle.

I wanted to add some decorative elements, so I went through my stash of flowers and pulled out a rose as well as leaves that would coordinate well with the candle.

Next, I used intricate die cut words with Rinea Gold Foiled Paper to add words to the base.

It now looks wonderful amongst my holiday decorations.

Thanks for stopping by.


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