Quick and Easy Etched Floral Container

Hi everyone, I've used etchall dip 'n etch liquid to etch a glass bottle that can be used as a vase.  I love hunting for different shapes and designs of glass bottles and jars that can be etched and perhaps used for a purpose it was not originally intended for.

Using a selection of floral stickers, place them around the bottle.   Be sure to burnish them so they are adhered well to the bottle.  

Place the bottle in a container of dip 'n etch liquid.  Allow to sit for 15 minutes then remove the bottle.  Since dip 'n etch is reusable, return the liquid to it's original container.

Rinse off the container and remove the stickers.  Rinse again and dry it completely.  Since I wanted the design to stand out, I used my finger to cover the entire bottle with  Prima's Art Alchemy Aged Brass Wax.

Buff the bottle with a cloth to remove the excess wax.  You can see that a hint of color remains and highlights the etched design.

Decorate by wrapping a strip of  Rinea Sapphire Starstruck Foiled Paper around the top of the bottle.

Add several flowers die cut from Rinea Fuchsia Starstruck Foiled Paper along the band then place some Robin's Nest dew drops about the etched flowers.

Fill with real flowers or create some beautiful flowers using assorted Rinea Foiled Papers and the Rinea 3D Hyacinth Die Set.

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