Handmade Specialty Envelopes

Hi everyone, I'm on the Arnold Grummer blog showing you how to create envelopes with the Arnold Grummer Papermaking Kit and Envelope Template.

Aren't these envelopes beautiful?

To create the envelopes, use the large Pour Handmold, assemble with the Envelope Template.  Place the Pour Handmold in water.  Add torn strips of paper into a blender with 2 cups of water and blend. 

Pour the slurry into the Pour Handmold and swirl the slurry in the mold.  You want to be sure the slurry covers the entire template.

Remove the mold from the water, unstrap mold, remove the envelope template and place the cover screen (it looks like window screen) on top of the molded paper.  Use a sponge to remove the water from the paper.

Once most of the water has been absorbed, remove the cover screen and template and place a Couch Sheet on top.  The Couch Sheet will absorb more water.  Flip the screen/paper/couch sheet sandwich over to remove additional water from the back.

And this is the result.  Fun shaped envelopes.

Decorate the envelopes as desired.  I added flowers and leaves and a sweet sentiment to each.

Just remember to be a little gentle when using a pokey tool to create a hole for the brad as I found the paper a little delicate.

I think these envelopes make the perfect gift, don't you?  The envelopes are big enough for a handmade card, or perhaps simply add a gift card inside.

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