Happy Birthday Cupcake Pallet

Hi everyone, I'm on the Clear Scraps blog reating with one of the newest shaped pallets - the Cupcake Pallet.

This cupcake pallet is composed of 1/8 birch wood and measures approximately 8" x 8".  I painted the cupcake base with brown paint, then taped off each section before painting the rest of the pallet.

Placing the Stripes Layering Stencil on the cupcake base, I painted through the stencil with a darker brown, moving the stencil as needed to cover the entire base.

While waiting for the cupcake base to dry,  I painted the cherry.

The middle panel was painted yellow to simulate a yellow cake.  Then I used a thicker white paint to create the icing on the top panel, using a pallet knife rather than a brush to create the texture of icing.

While the icing was still wet, I sprinkled dew drops into the wet paint to give the illusion of sprinkles - so fun!

I created a banner with a happy birthday sentiment and placed it behind the cherry.

As the icing dried, it left lots of texture as well as a drips down the yellow panel

Thanks for stopping by.


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