Mermaid Adventure

Hi everyone, I'm on the Clear Scraps blog with a Mermaid Adventure using the Mermaid Tail and several stencils.

I began by painting the tail with several colors of blue ink. 

Using the Adventure Stencil, I taped it to the bottom of the tail, then used a pallet knife with Gold Creative Medium.

Removing the stencil, I cleaned it immediately to remove the excess creative medium.

Then I used the Stripes Layering Stencil with brown paint along the bottom edge.  I worked the edges first, then moved towards the center as the paint dried.


Using Mod Podge Spray Adhesives, I spritzed it along the left edge, then placed the mesh.  It really held the mesh in place.   Creating sea shells from Makin's Clay, I added them along the mesh.  


Then I filled  in the open areas with art stones.  I spritzed on some additional Mod Podge Adhesive to ensure the art stones stayed in place

Thanks for stopping by.


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