Fall Sign with Proxxon Tools

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today sharing a new fall project.

The new sign was created with scraps of wood.  Using the Micro Bandsaw, I cut assorted sizes of blocks.  I wasn't too concerned with the sizes.

I used the Disc Sander to sand the edges of each block.

I used FolkArt Paints to paint each block.

I needed a longer strip of wood to adhere the smaller blocks on, so I cut another strip of wood using the Micro Bandsaw again.

Next, I used the Bench Drill Press to drill holes in the ends of the strip.

I glued burlap to the panel, then glued the smaller blocks on top.

To decorate, I created assorted clay embellishments from Makin's Clay and Leaves Push Mold, inking each with Brilliance inks.

Placing the letters on each block, I adhered the clay leaves to each block.

Happy Fall.

Thanks for stopping by.


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