How to Create Art

Hi everyone, time to create art.  Art has so many different meanings for everyone.

Select a left over panel of wood that fits your stencil, then cut it with the Band Saw.

Use the Disc Sander to sand the panel.

Place a stencil on the panel and add color so the pattern is visible.  Use the Power Carver to carve  out the scroll pattern.  I've not used the Power Carve much so this was a learning process and I would rate this a beginner project.  With the variety of carving blades available, you can carve an assortment of details and with more practice, the possibilities are endless. 

Now that the design has been carved into the panel, gesso the entire panel.

Reposition the stencil and add different colors to the word and the scrolls.  Finish by spritzing a shimmery craft spray.

The final touch was adding brown ink around the panel as a contrast.

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