My Butterfly Garden with stamps and inks

Hi everyone.  Last month I was fortunate to participate in a blog hop between Ann Butler Designs and Cool2Cast.

Cool2Cast is a product similar to Plaster of Paris that you just mix with water and pour into a mold.  However, it is much lighter than Plaster of Paris and has a nice porcelain finish when dry.  Mix with water in a Ziploc bag; pour and wait approximately one hour before removing from the mold and then let it dry completely before coloring.  The cold cast designs you can create are amazing - and you can use any flexible mold.

I was lucky enough to receive this wonderful butterfly.


Using Ann Butler's ColorBox Crafters Inks in Limelight, Tangelo, Berry and Lilac, I put some colors on a craft mat, spritzed them with water and then painted the butterfly. 

Using my finger, I painted Aquamarine Iridescents on the outer layer.

Using Unity's 2" Stripes, Dots and Hearts rubber stamps with Ann Butler's Aquamarine Crafter's Ink, I stamped around the exterior.  Because of the uneven surface, I used the stamp without a block. 

Now that it's finished, it's perfect for my yard.
I hung it on a garden stake.  And now it sits pretty in my garden.

What do you think?  I think I'm hooked on Cool2Cast and need to play some more.  I have lots of molds I can use.

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