Metal Basket of Flowers

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I had a metal basket that I  decorated with clay elements.  With the end of the school year near, why not create a special gift for a favorite teacher.  Or perhaps give this basket of flowers to someone special.


Makin's Professional® Cutting Mat
Makin'sⓇ Clay Push Mold - Florals
Beacon Adhesives - Tacky Adhesive
etchallⓇ dip 'n etch
Prima Mold
Prima Acrylic Paint - Aqua Rose, Rose Gold

Using the Florals Push Mold, place white Makin's® Clay in the molds and create a variety of floral elements.  I find that once I have clay in my hands, I like to create a lot of items so I have them on hand for future projects.  So whatever I don't use on this project, I'll save for other projects.

While waiting for the clay to dry, use etchallⓇ on the glasses.  Place rocks in the glasses to weigh them down and place them in a container filled with etchallⓇ dip 'n etch liquid.  Allow to sit for 15 minutes so the glasses are etched.

Remove the glasses from the etchallⓇ dip 'n etch liquid, rinse off and dry the glasses.  Save the etchallⓇ dip 'n etch liquid for other projects - just pour the etchallⓇ dip 'n etch liquid back in the container.

Paint the glasses with Prima Red Gold acrylic paint and then wipe off the paint using a baby wipe.  EtchallⓇ allows the paint to adhere to the glass. 

Tie Whisker Graphics Twine around the edge of the glasses.

The flowers look so pretty in the glasses.  While I've used silk flowers, consider also using some fresh flowers.

Makin'sⓇ Clay elements are perfect to add to any project.  They are light weight elements so they add no weight to your projects.  And the elements are incredibly detailed.

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these great ideas and for the tips :)