Altered Bottle with Makin's Clay

Hi everyone, I've got an Altered Bottle on the Makin's Clay blog.  Incorporating clay into altered bottle art allows you to create a wide variety of projects.

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to create when I started this project, but it ended up being a fun holiday project (and it's never too early to get a head start on holiday projects).

Makin'sⓇ Clay - Grape Leaf 
Clay Push Mold - Leaves
Clay Texture Sheet - Floral
Black Gesso
Prima Marketing Metallique Paints

Start by kneeding Grape Leaf Clay.  Place the kneeded clay on a bottle and spread it with your fingers forming it around the bottle.  While still wet, the clay will adhere to the bottle without adhesives.  Using fingers to move the clay around the bottle leaves a nice impression.

For more dimension, I rolled the bottle on a Texture sheet pressing it into the clay.

Next, I painted the bottle with black gesso and put it aside to dry.

While the bottle was drying, I used the Leaves push mold to create an assortment of leaves from Grape Leaf Clay.

I painted the leaves with assorted colors of Prima Marketing Metallique paints.

Next, I placed a floral spray on the bottle, holding it in place until it dried.  Then I placed several of the clay leaves amongst the floral spray.

I added color to the gessoed bottle with Prima Marketing Metallique paints.  I used my fingers to be sure the paints got into the embossed areas.   Next, I then spritzed the bottle with water so the colors would run and blend together.

While I did make this a Christmas project, simply by changing up the floral spray can turn this into a  spring or summer project.

What do you think?

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