Floral Etched Frame

Hi everyone, today I'm using etchallⓇ etching creme to etch the glass in a frame.  

I used etchallⓇ stencil spray to cover the back of my stencil.  Once the stencil dried to a tacky state, I applied it to the glass and used masking tape to cover parts of the stencil I did not was etched.

I liberally placed the etching crème on the glass and allowed it to sit awhile.  15 minutes is all that is needed to etch glass, but I got busy with something else so it probably sat about an hour.  But, that presents no problem at all and, since the etching creme is reusable, I simply scraped the etching creme back into its original container.

After removing the etching crème, I rinsed and dried the glass and had this amazing result!

While waiting for the glass to be etched, I decorated the frame.  I used FolkArt Paint to paint the frame, then decorated it with flowers and leaves created with Spellbinders dies and Rinea Foiled Papers.   The flowers were created with Violet/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper as well as Violet Starstruck Foiled Paper.  The leaves were created from Jade/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper.

I placed a panel of Violet/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper behind the glass, then placed the glass back into the frame.

Pretty isn't it?

I hope you have enjoyed this project.

Thanks for stopping by.


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