Etched Gag Gift

Hello.  I've used etchallⓇ dip 'n etch to create a gag gift for a friend who is "over the hill"

Place the bottle in a plastic container and add  etchall dip 'n etch.  Let it sit for approximately 15 minutes.

Pour the liquid back into the original container.  Since it is reusable, you can use on numerous projects.  As you can see my dip 'n etch is quite dark as it has been well used; however, that does not stop the etching process, so continue using dip 'n etch for all your glass projects.

Rinse the jar and dry off.

I've decorated the bottle with some stickers.

Finally, I added a bow to finish the effect.  

The bottle will now be given as a gag gift filled with jelly beans!

Thanks for stopping by.


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