Etched Flower Vase

Hi everyone, need a quick summer craft to keep the kids occupied?  Why not etch a vase then add a beautiful bow created with the Bowdabra

Place the vase in a container filled with etchallⓇ dip n etch.  Since my vase was tall, I etched the bottom half, then turned it upside down and etched the top half.

Etching takes 15 minutes so allow each half time to etch.  Remove the vase from the dip n etch and pour it back in the container.  Since dip 'n etch is reusable, there is no waste.

Rinse off and dry the vase.  I love the etched look, so I added a pretty pink bow and some roses along the bottom.

Using the bow wire, tie the bow around the vase.  Any excess bow wire can be brought to the front and curled into spiral.    Create a row of clay roses using Makin'sⓇ clay and a Prima mold.  Paint the roses to match the ribbon and adhere along the bottom of the vase.


Fill with flowers and give to someone special.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. "So glad I stopped by"! This vase is beautiful. Looks just like the expensive milk glass that my Mom used to have. I love the way you have coordinated the clay flowers with the ribbon and flowers in the vase. Matching all one color blends lovely. Thanks for taking me through each step!! You make it so easy that I feel..."I can make that"! God Bless, Barbee

  2. Thanks Barbara, I love creating with etchall!