Happy Halloween Pumpkins

 It's officially pumpkin season and I'm on the Proxxon blog with altered paper mache pumpkins!

I found these paper mache pumpkins and thought they would look amazing amongst the real pumpkins this holiday season.

Using the Proxxon Jig Saw, I cut around each pumpkin.  It certainly did not take long to cut them apart.  At approximately 1 pound, I love how light weight the Jig Saw is and how easy it is to maneuver.

In this time of social distancing, I wanted to create a reusable container that the kids would enjoy taking candy from this year.

Since the pumpkins would be sitting outside all Halloween day, I painted them with Plaid Outdoor Acrylic Paint in Geranium.  Once dry, I added touches of Raw Umber.

Don't they look great amongst the real pumpkins?

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