Beware Halloween Jar

 Hi everyone, Halloween is near, are you ready?   I created a creepy jar to share today.

Some of the stickers I wanted to use were not sticky enough so I used etchallⓇ reposition/reuse stencil spray to make them sticky enough for the jar.   Once ready, I placed stickers spelling out beware on a jar.   

I used the negative letters and covered them with  etchallⓇ etching crèm As you can see I was not careful with the etching creme  because I wanted a distressed effect.  I  let the etching creme sit for approximately 15 minutes.   Please note that my etching creme is darker because it is slightly older; however, that does not affect it's etching ability.

As etching creme is reusable, I scraped the creme back into it's original container then washed and dried the jar.

Doesn't it look amazing?

I placed Halloween lights in the jar and tied mesh ribbon to the top.

It's now a fun Halloween decoration sitting next to pumpkins and other Halloween items.

Thanks for stopping by.


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